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hand harvesting in Stellenbosch, De Trafford Merlot
De Trafford Merlot Tasting hosted at Southern Guild Gallery
Merlot Fermentation graphs

Blueprint SyrahVertical Tasting Notes

These notes attempt to give some guidance to when best to drink our wines. The wines tasted were from our own library collection kept in an underground cellar. The conditions are good, but not ideal with ambient temperature going up to 18°C in the middle of the summer and down to 12°C in winter. This probably mirrors the average collector, but those with differing conditions should adjust accordingly.

Please note we started to get considerably better quality and longer corks since the 1996 vintage.  Many of the 1992 to 1995 vintages unfortunately vary a lot depending on the condition of the corks.

Please note that these notes should supersede the predictions of the fact sheets, which are prepared shortly after bottling. We will attempt to update these tasting notes every 2 years. We would welcome any feedback.

Tasting date: October 2015

1992*  Check notes!

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