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De Trafford Straw Wine 2015

De Trafford Wines were the first in South Africa to produce this exceptional style of wine. Experimentally in 1995 and 1996 and officially in 1997 after having to get approval through the Wine & Spirit Board and even having to pass a bill in Parliament.


This is now our nineteenth year of producing this treasured wine.

Vineyard Blocks

1 block (Helderzicht) 31 year old bush vines.  Foothills of the Helderberg 4km from False Bay. Sandy, gravelly Escourt soil. Lightly irrigated at veraison. Yield 5 tons/ha.

1 block (Lanrust) 35 year old bush vines. Foothills of the Helderberg 6km from False Bay. Sandy, gravelly Escourt soil. Lightly irrigated at veraison. Yield 6 tons/ha.

1 block (Keermont) 9 year old vines on 6 wire vertical trellis. Deep red hutton soil with good moisture retention. Lightly irrigated at veraison. Yield 7 tons/ha.

Vintage Conditions

Our earliest harvest ever, starting on 23 January, though this was surpassed in 2016. Good post 2014 harvest rains and an early cold, wet winter meant a good build-up of reserves and dormancy. Warm weather in August resulted in early and importantly even bud-break. The warm, dry windy summer kept growth moderate and sped up ripening, as well as ensuring no rot or other health problems. Bunches and berries were smaller than usual, contributing to the lower yield. The summer was warm to hot, but there were no real heatwaves during the critical ripening period, which with lower temperatures at night, ensured excellent flavour development and good pH and acidity both in the vineyard and on the drying racks. Despite such an early harvest, 2015 is emerging as one of the best ever harvests.


The grapes were picked at optimum ripeness and laid out on drying racks in 70% shade for about 3 weeks. This allows the grapes to concentrate sugars, acids and flavours, before re-harvesting in the cool mornings. Fermented with natural yeasts and matured for 26 months using 50% new 225L French oak barrels. Racked while in barrel to remove heavy sediment and lightly bentonite fined.

Bottling date: 15/06/17.  Production: 92 cases (6 x 375 ml)

Tasting Notes

Attractive deep yellow colour. Intense honey, apricot, nuts and citrus nose.

The palate is sweet and concentrated with just enough acidity and oak tannins to compliment and deliver a long, lingering finish.

This wine is a dessert all on its own - a real treat after the meal. Delicious with biscotti and various nuts. Compliments slightly tart fruit desserts and good pate's beautifully.


Alc. 10.88       Sug.  265       TA  7.0       pH 3.91       VA 1.50       SO2  6free & 68total

These are naturally made, living wines which may deposit a sediment and / or tartrate crystals. Keep below 18°C to avoid the possibility of re-fermentation.

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