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De Trafford Elevation 393 2001

De Trafford Winery is situated on the beautiful Mont Fleur farm set at the top of a dramatic valley above Stellenbosch, 380 metres up between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains. The property is owned and run by the Trafford family with a small team of dedicated workers.

Mont Fleur Vineyard

This blended wine best reflects our magnificent vineyard site high up on the eastern slopes of the Helderberg mountain. Soil deep red decomposed granite - Hutton type. The vines are close planted ( 5000 to 7500 vines / hect.) The best barrels were selected for this reserve wine:


Cabernet Sauvignon 38%

7 yr old vines on 7 wire vertical trellis. Clones CS337; CS359; CS27: CS46A; CS1A; CS163 all on 101-14 rootstock.

Merlot 25%

7 yr old vines on 7 wire vertical trellis. Clone MO181 on R99 rootstock

Shiraz 25%

6 yr old vines on 7 wire vertical trellis. Clones SH21A; SH1A; SH99 all on 101-14 rootstock.

Cabernet Franc 12%

7 yr old vines on 7 wire vertical trellis.  Clone 1D on 101-14 rootstock.

Vintage Conditions

An ideal dry, moderately hot summer.  The harvest commenced in perfect conditions with ripe, healthy grapes producing big, but well-balanced wines. 

Harvest date : 14 / 2 / 01 - 2 / 3 / 01


Handpicking into 20 kg lugboxes. 100% destemming and gentle crushing directly into open top fermenters. Spontaneous natural yeast fermentation @ max. temp. 31°C - 33°C. Time on skins 9 - 11 days, with cap of skins punched down (pigeage) 1 – 4 times a day. Wine drained directly to barrels together with single pressing from traditional basket press.

All our red wines undergo malolactic fermentation in the barrel. This helps to integrate the new oak and fix colour and flavour compounds. Mostly new French oak used. Time in barrel 21 months, which included several rackings to gradually clarify the wine and assist maturation.

This wine was bottled by hand, unfined and unfiltered, on the property. Bottling date : 28 / 1 / 03.

Production : 1427 bottles; 396 magnums

Tasting Notes

Impressive deep red / purple colour. Lush blackberry and spicy fruitcake aromas. Dense tannins and intense fruit provide a rich, supple, almost thick texture. Needs time to show hidden complexity. Long finish. Probably best between 2006 and 2015. Ideal with rich, roasted or grilled red meat dishes.


Alc. 15.69               SG. 2.1              TA 5.7             pH 3.52              VA 0.64               SO2 26 & 45

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