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Upper Blaauwklippen Vintners Collective Tasting

Kleinood, Keermont and De Trafford, three Stellenbosch wine estates, have collaborated to create a unique wine tasting experience this June. The inception tasting was open to the public and hosted at each of the three wine farms on Saturday, the 4 th June 2016. All three participating wine estates are all located in one of the best-kept secret spots of Stellenbosch, the Upper Blaauwklippen Valley, and have used their friendly association as an opportunity to offer an introduction to all three wine farms to a small group of wine lovers.

This year, each vineyard showcased their current release wines, as well as some rare and special vinoteque wines, including the De Trafford Chenin blanc 2007, Keermont Estate blend 2009 and Kleinood Tamboerskloof Syrah 2004. Winemakers and owners were present to offer guests a more in depth understanding of this prime Stellenbosch winemaking area, its philosophy and its people.

“The upper Blaauwklippen Valley could just be Stellenbosch’s new trump card. Here, a vein of fine Syrah runs from Waterford to Kleinood, through Keermont and De Trafford at the top of the valley” says Roland Peens, the Director of Wine Cellar.

This is not the last time that the three wine farms will join forces. It is their intention to make an annual event of this tasting. At this event each farm provides culinary treats as sustenance throughout the tasting and a shuttle service between the farms ensures guests can relax and enjoy the magnificent and picturesque scenery on their way up or down the Blaauwklippen valley. The six kilometer trip up the valley offers an elevation of 200 meters and allows guests to enjoy breathtaking views while meandering along the Blaauwklippen river.

The visit to all three estates offer a personal touch, as the farms are relatively small and thus have limited opening hours, making this a particularly special tasting experience.

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