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Releasing our first 2015 reds

We're delighted to release the first of our 2015 red wines: De Trafford Blueprint Syrah 2015 This wine has become so popular since it was the Platter Wine of the Year three years ago with the 2012 vintage. The 2015 is a really serious, complex wine, yet still drinking well with a little decanting. Most likely it will sell out in a few months. De Trafford Syrah 393 2015 A small crop from the plush and concentrated 2015 vintage. This terraced, close planted vineyard around 393m above sea level is now 12 and 20 years old and always produces something exceptional. This may well be one of our best yet and will benefit from a few years maturation. De Trafford Merlot 2012 An interesting, tricky growing season that generally turned out extremely well. Another classic De Trafford Merlot, more Cabernet Sauvignon in style than many Cabernets and certainly loaded with depth, complexity and age-ability. Drinking well now, but with many years ahead of it.

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