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Cabernet Sauvignon & Plan B

It's all about Cabernet Sauvignon

We've been slowly increasing our Cabernet Sauvignon production over the last few years as a couple of new blocks from neighboring Keermont become mature - now at 11 years old.

I believe Stellenbosch has the potential to be one of the greatest Cabernet producing regions in the world along with Bordeaux and the Napa Valley. Of course there are only a few sites that have potential for greatness. Sunlight radiation is extremely important for proper ripening of the fruit. Canopies that are not too thick and bunches that are well exposed at an early stage, but don't bake in the direct sunlight during the late ripeness stage are crucial. Aspect and altitude are also important and there is a map that indicates the ideal sites for Bordeaux varieties in the Cape. Our De Trafford vineyard and most of the Keermont vineyards fit comfortably in this ideal zone, while sites a little lower down the mountain become less ideal. The Helderberg and Simonsberg lower mountain slopes of deep granite based soils are arguably the most sought after sites in Stellenbosch.

Plan B 2018

You've guessed it! Our latest Plan B is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2018 vintage provided us with a big Cabernet crop, especially from the new Keermont blocks mentioned earlier. We've done a super strict selection of the best barrels for our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon leaving a few barrels for our Plan B release and not a lot else to go with it. We'll be bottling the wine next month and packing shortly after. We are sold out, but please contact us on to be placed on the waiting list for the next release!

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